Do I need to test my Sprayer?

From the 26th November 2016, all sprayers that are more than 5 years old having a boom width of >3m, and all blast and orchard sprayers must have passed a Pesticide Application Equipment Test before being used to apply professional use plant protection products.

The interval between tests must not exceed 5 years up to 2020 after which the interval must not exceed 3 years. PRCD - SUD

Pesticide Equipment Inspections
Your Questions Answered

If your sprayer falls under the criteria set out under the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Directive then it is your obligation to see that your sprayer is tested if you intend to apply pesticides with it. The purpose of a sprayer test / PAE Inspection is to ensure that your sprayer is working correctly and efficiently when it comes to applying pesticides. Inspections are carried out in your yard and at a date that suits you. For information on how to prepare your sprayer for a test see the document Preparing your Sprayer for Testing. This provides a basic set of checks which the farmer / operator can run through to ensure the sprayer is ready for an inspection. A Blank Sprayer Test Report is also available so you can see what is looked for during an inspection. An inspection typically takes from 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the type and size of sprayer. Among some of the items checked on an inspection include:

  • Filter presence and cleanliness
  • Pressure Gauge compliance and accuracy
  • Boom pressures
  • Pump condition
  • Boom stability and straightness
  • Overall condition of the sprayer

On completion of an inspection a report is completed and a copy is received via email. A sticker is also applied to the sprayer with a unique identification number and the date of the inspection marked on it. Should you require any further information on an Inspection feel free to fill out the form opposite for a follow up call/email to answer all your questions or see contact details here.

Information on Pesticide Application Equipment Inspections 
Source PRCD - SUD
Preparing your Sprayer for Testing.pdf Preparing your Sprayer for Testing.pdf
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BlankSprayerTestReportForm060417.pdf BlankSprayerTestReportForm060417.pdf
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SampleTestedSprayerSticker161216.pdf SampleTestedSprayerSticker161216.pdf
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